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General Questions

What is Family Safe Internet?

Family Safe Internet is a family friendly, Christian content filter. We offer: Content filtering with customizable filters. "Whitelist only", to allow only websites to be viewed that have been put on your unblock list. Online history (that can't be cleared). Quick setup for your devices.

How does Family Safe Internet help my family?

Family Safe Internet automatically stops pornography & adult sexual content before it reaches your computer. It also allows for fine-tuning of "gray areas" like social networking & blogging websites, per-site, with instant results so you can customize the internet for your family. Family Safe Internet's Online History allows you to track what websites were visited on your computer.

How does it work?

There is no software to install. Family Safe Internet's customizable filter is run on our servers, between your computer and the internet. Because all of the work is done on our servers, it will never slow down your computer.

Will it slow down my computer?

Because all of the work is done on our servers, it will never slow down your computer.


How do I set up Family Safe Internet?

It only takes a few quick steps to set up Family Safe Internet on your computer. After signing up, login to your account and click "Set up Family Safe Internet on your computer". You will be asked to select what operating system your device uses. If your system is not on the list, see "My system isn't listed in the Set Up section."

What are the System Requirements?

Family Safe Internet should run on any computer capable of opening a web page. This includes computers running Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and even some smart phones.

Which devices are supported?

See "What are the system requirements?" and "How do I set up Family Safe Internet?".

My system isn't listed in the Set Up section.

If your system is not on the list, here are some options: (1) Select the one you think is closest to your system. You may be able to follow the instructions with a little modification. (2) Contact us for help. Even if we don't yet have information on our website specifically for your system, we may be able to tell you how to set Family Safe Internet up.

Block & Unblock

How do I block or unblock websites?

Make sure you are logged in to Family Safe Internet, and click on "Block or Unblock". To unblock a website: Under the section marked "Unblock a website", enter the URL of the website into the field beginning with "http://", and click the "Unblock" button. If you need to block a website, follow the same procedure but in the "Block a website" section.

I unblocked a site and it still wont work.

There are some websites which are put on a "permanently blocked" list, because they are flagged as having certain kinds of content. If can't unblock a website, and you have to visit it, please contact us.

Online History

How do I use the Online History feature?

Log in to Family Safe Internet and click on "Track your online history". You will be able to: Track your online history. See what websites have been accessed from your account. And even find out when a website was blocked or added to your unblock list.

Can I have part of my history removed?

If you would like to have some of your records in Online History removed, please contact us.


How do I change my plan or billing information?

Log in and click on "Account Settings". On the bottom right of this page click on a button that says "Billing". Here, you can enter or modify your billing information, and change your billing plan.


How do I get help?

Log in to your account on Family Safe Internet's website, and click "Help Center".

How can I contact you?

Log in to Family Safe Internet and click "Help Center", then click on "Contact Us".