Content Filtering With Family Safe Internet

Content Filtering

Once objectionable content has appeared on your screen, the damage may already be done. Family Safe Internet’s proprietary customizable filter stops pornography and adult sexual content before it reaches your computer.

Customizeable Filters With Family Safe Internet

Customizable Filters

Customizing what you can view has never been so easy! Along with automatically blocking pornography and other objectionable content, Family Safe Internet allows you to block and unblock on a site-by-site basis, with instant results, for fine-tuning those gray areas.

White List Safety With Family Safe Internet

White list Only

White list only will allow only websites to be viewed that you have specifically put on your unblock list. This feature is useful if you want to restrict your children to only a small number of websites and can be easily turned on or off with our parental controls.

Quick Set Up For Website Blocking With Family Safe Internet

Quick Setup for Your Devices

It only takes a few quick steps to set up Family Safe Internet on your computer. We support most devices and applications capable of viewing a web page, including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and even some smartphones.

Webtracker allows to see what website have been viewed


Flip back the pages and see what websites were visited on your computer. You can: Track your online history. See what websites have been accessed from your account. And even find out when and why a website was blocked.