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The internet has content both good and bad.
Bad content can harm your children and your computer!
We block adult content before it gets to your computer!

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Block Adult Websites with Family Safe Internet
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Custom Web Filtering.

Blocks inappropriate adult content before it even gets to your computer with our customizable filter. You decide what you want to block or unblock through our website. Our proprietary system has a high success rate for blocking adult websites and more! (more)

Benefits of a filtering service.

Filtering takes place with our custom written software on our server before it even gets to your computer. There is no need to install any software. Family Safe Internet does the blocking for you! (more)

Why signup with us?

Our service is only $5.95 a month including up to 5 computers, or devices. We offer free support and a 30 day risk free trial. We stand by our internet filtering service and the reliable protection it proivdes our customers every day. (Signup)

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